An Indian Barbecue at Cocktail Hour

Fancy the flavour of barbecue, but not in the mood to sit outside for it in the sweltering heat? We have a solution that comes with an Indian twist. The smoky scent of our tandoori dishes is reminiscent of the Mediterranean barbecue waft, and our summer cocktail menu is generous and plentiful. Here at Shakinah, you can have your barbecue and eat it.   

Our team will be more than happy to curate the perfect summer meal for you. Our summer cocktail menu features refreshing beverages that are the perfect antidote to the hot weather. Enjoy fashionable fruits, herbs, spices and liqueurs blended and poured into the most unorthodox and Instagrammable glassware you’ll ever come across. Ordering a cocktail at Shakinah is a theatrical experience, and it’s all the more heightened by a sizzling and colourful spread of food to go with it.

Here are a few of our favourite culinary and cocktail pairings for that Indian barbecue vibe we promised you:

Tandoori King Prawns and Strawberry Garden

What a red-hot pairing. Hues of fuchsia will adorn your table here, with our tandoori prawns beautifully barbecued crimson. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Garden is a fruity concoction of crushed strawberries, vodka, elderflower, basil and mint.

Chicken Tikka Masala and Aperol Foam Bomb

No Aperol, no party, but this is our interpretation on the coveted summer bitter. Enjoy a heightened Aperol and Chambord with cinnamon, tequila, passion fruit purée, and a hint of red chilli. As there is a little bit of fire to this cocktail, we recommend pairing it with a mellow and creamy chicken in a tomato and cashew sauce.

cocktails malta

Vegetarian Nibbles with Gin Cucumber

A selection of our meat-free starters are an eclectic and filling option for a more convivial and shared experience at the table. We cannot but champion our deconstructed onion bhaji, cumin-infused vegetable samosas and cheese corn marbles for a mild dinner. We recommend pairing this trio with this season’s signature cocktail, the Gin Cucumber. We’ve given this drink a beautiful fiery kick with green chillies, but you’re nonetheless guaranteed a refreshingly zen beverage with apple juice, mint, fresh cucumber and coriander leaves.

Shakinah King Prawns and Banana & Coconut Elegance

There’s always time for curry and the sea. Our inhouse Shakinah king prawns is a dish inspired by a North Indian recipe, with a rich and spicy sauce thickened by unctuous lentils. This dish is on the spicy side, so you might want to opt for our equally rich but mellow banana & Coconut Elegance. Our creamy cocktail is enhanced with white rum, fresh lime juice, tamarind syrup and cumin for a tropical finish to your meal.

cocktails in malta

Tandoori Chicken and A King’s Beer

Talk about a match made in barbecue heaven. Our tandoori chicken is presented to you as it’s still sizzling barbecue aromas, and the ruby red coating promises succulence, flavour and the right amount of crispiness. Order this timeless classic with a side of coconut naan for dipping, and wash it down with our own elevated Corona that is mixed with passion fruit purée, tamarind syrup and a pinch of cumin.

Pahadi Kebab and Watermelon Martini

Skewered chicken is always a good idea, especially when steeped in a fresh herb marinade. Our Pahadi kebab is dressed in mint, yoghurt, plenty of garlic and ginger for a savoury flavour, and a good kick of coriander. Temper the latter with a good swig of our Watermelon Martini, which is a minimalist cocktail/smoothie of blended chunks of fresh watermelon, prosecco and vodka.

martini malta

Our Summer Cocktail Menu

This is how we freshen up our guests after a hot stroll along the Ta’ Xbiex promenade.

Defined not just by our elevated dishes but also by our curated inhouse beverages, Shakinah is proud to present a spanking new cocktail menu for Summer 2022. With every season comes a blank canvas for our ingredients to be shaken, stirred, crushed and chilled, all to be served in a theatrical selection of glassware. The latest collection from our mixology team is no exception. Good luck with trying to pick a favourite:

Banana & Coconut Elegance

A tropical match made in heaven, the Banana and Coconut Elegance is a cocktail that shows up in Cinderella’s glass slipper. Served in a ceramic stiletto, we’ve cut through the mellow sweetness of banana and coconut with white rum and a good squeeze of fresh lime juice. There’s also a savoury kick to this cocktail with a cumin & tamarind syrup, adding to the cocktail’s creamy texture. The coconut makes its grand entrance on top of the glass in a foam fur coat. 

cocktails in malta

Aperol Foam Bomb

No Aperol, no party. No self-respecting Mediterranean would leave Aperol out of their summer itinerary, so we’ve engineered our own take on the Italian bitter, lest anyone complains. We’ve infused our Aperol with a good sprinkle of cinnamon, and merged it with tequila and Chambord. This has been delectably diluted with an indulgent passion fruit purée, and fried up with a hint of red chilli. We’ve also made use again of our inhouse coconut foam as a topping, garnished with a mini raspberry kebab. 

cocktails malta

A King’s Beer

Who said beers don’t belong on a cocktail menu? The King’s Beer is an elevated Corona, and his queen is tequila. These two alcohols are mixed with a passion fruit purée, as well as our cumin & tamarind syrup. Topped with a slice of passion fruit, the liquid is seasoned with a pinch of salt and red chilli. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the lime. The final flurry includes a good squeeze of fresh lime juice.

cocktail malta

Watermelon Martini

We’ve kept it quite simple with this one. Of course, we couldn’t not make use of our beloved signature watermelon at Shakinah; it’s simply timeless. We’ve essentially juiced the freshest watermelon slices and shaken with some good quality prosecco and vodka. It’s minimal, but a winning combination nonetheless. In keeping with the tropical theme, the Watermelon Martini is served in a pink flamingo glass.

martini malta

Strawberry Garden

“Tastes like strawberries on a summer evening…” That’s because they are fresh strawberries, Mr Styles. We’ve sourced the best local strawberries in Malta, and juiced them with vodka. We’ve also added an aromatically sweet layer with elderflower, basil and mint. And in case you haven’t had enough pink, we garnish this cocktail with candyfloss on ice and serve it in a giant ceramic strawberry.

strawberry cocktail

Shakinah’s Raspberry Fizz

Sweet and sour is one of our go-to sensations when curating our cocktail menu, and Shakinah’s Raspberry Fizz is certainly one of those beverages. The sweetness comes from the matrimony of Chambord and raspberry purée, but we’ve zested it up with gin, fresh cucumber, lime juice and soda water. We did also go a step further by adding red chilli, to keep things interesting.

gin cocktail

Watermelon Dishoom

It’s back. We just couldn’t let go of our bestseller, and we feel it’s here to stay. If you haven’t tried it already, the Watermelon Dishoom is sure to give you a sugar high, but in the right way. We mix freshly crushed watermelon with tequila, and infuse it with fresh mint leaves and squeezed lime juice.

Tequila cocktail

Gin Cucumber

The Gin Cucumber is our signature cocktail of the season. We’ve created a balanced flavour that is refreshing but mildly spicy. Our gin of choice is dressed with apple juice, mint, fresh cucumber, coriander leaves and green chilli. Very zen.


A Collection of Winter Cocktails

A Collection of Winter Cocktails

Looking for a fresh vibe for your cocktail hour this weekend? Shakinah has gone the extra mile to present an exuberant collection of original cocktails, packed with flair, flavour and texture. Curated by our resident mixologists, the Shakinah Winter Cocktail Menu is served in a handmade selection of unique and Instagram-worthy glassware.

King Shivaji’s Chillies

Named after a historical leader in Indian lore, our King Shivaji pays tribute to the culture of heat and spice in Indian cuisine. A concoction of sweet and sour notes, cranberry syrup is teamed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and fresh chillies, topped onto a double shot of Disaronno. The mixture is then dry shaken with cloudy egg whites to merge everything together. We like to serve King Shivaji’s Chillies in our David glass with a garnish of fresh cranberries and lemon zest.

Sweet City

Here’s a lesson for 2022: Everyone should drink straight out of a miniature bathtub for once in their lives. And if it’s to be any liquid, it ought to be Shakinah’s Sweet City. Served with a shot of Prosecco and raspberry on the side, Sweet City is a sweet and creamy cocktail that sets its own little scene of luxury. Foamed for that bubble bath finish, this is garnished with finely chopped rose petals and smooth crystal ice cubes. For its alcoholic base, our mixologists have opted for Sailor Jerry Rum (vanilla and cinnamon notes) and that quintessential raspberry liqueur, Chambord.

Shakinah’s Pumpkin Spice

We couldn’t present a winter menu without having a pumpkin staple in the list. Proving to be incredibly popular among our regular clientele, our Pumpkin Spice is packed with flavour and a heady texture. Presenting the sweet flavours of molasses, cinnamon, ginger and clove through Kraken Spiced Rum, the blend includes almond and vanilla milk, golden honey syrup and a pumpkin spice mix. Naturally, we’ve topped this with pumpkin seeds for that extra crunch.

Gin-ger Bread Fusion

We don’t mind milking the Christmas flavours throughout the rest of the winter period. Our Gin-ger Bread Fusion is a sour and creamy fluid of naughty niceness, served in a blush pink Christmas stocking, because why not? Bombay Sapphire Gin is infused with earl grey tea, gingerbread syrup, fresh lemon juice and mint leaves then well shaken with a delightful mixture of cloudy egg whites and a few drops of angostura bitters. We’re not afraid to be decadent at Shakinah.

Emperor Akbar’s Caramel Coffee Deluxe

We suggest you leave this one for afters. Our rich and sweet caffeine option comes with a coffee liqueur base, coupled with a serving of vodka and a fresh shot of espresso. Emperor Akbar offers a generous helping of caramel syrup and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. This is also served with a cheeky side of sweet and salty popcorn.

Cranberry Mahal Mule


Our feisty thirst quencher comes adorned in our Frida glass, and encompasses all that is beautifully sour. The Cranberry Mahal Mule combines the sour classics of freshly blended cranberries, freshly squeezed lime and fresh ginger. These are then amalgamated with a serving of vodka and ginger ale. We recommend this tasty concoction at the start of your meal to whet your appetite.

Mulled Cider

Our mulled cider or wine is our very own mystery basket. Ask your server what we have on offer on the daily!