Yuletide Cocktails for a Very Merry Christmas at Shakinah

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! We cannot wait to welcome our patrons into our restaurant for cheerful lunches and dinners, where you can toast the end of a fruitful year with an Indian feast ready to be shared and devoured at your table. As always, we have a cocktail menu for every occasion, and this year’s selection is a hands-on homage of all things Christmas. We’ve really focused on the festive flavours, and reinterpreted them as celebratory libations to colour your evening with us. We’re curious to see which of these will be the top favourite for the season… but then again, we welcome you to try and enjoy them all!

Down the Chimney

This is a tipple that’s worthy enough to be left out for Santa. Down the Chimney is a clarified gingerbread milk punch, featuring mint candy-infused tequila and a good squeeze of lime juice. For its festive notes, we’ve mixed apple spiced rum, milk and gingerbread syrup. As a tribute to Father Christmas himself, the foam was directly inspired by his trademark fluffy beard – it’s a flurry of apple juice, Bergamot Liqueur, egg whites, and fresh lime juice. We finish it with a yuletide garnish of dried apple chip, mint top, and cinnamon powder.

The Pumpkin King

Some of us had a really great time at Halloween… and indulged in too many pumpkin spiced lattes. Therefore, we felt this flavour merited a cocktail. We’ve infused our tequila with high-quality pumpkin spice syrup, and added a splash of milk. To give it a Christmas kick, we’ve added lime curd as well as lime juice. The Pumpkin King is clarified and garnished with a vanilla-flavoured bubble and pumpkin chips.

Can’t Stop the Beet

We love all things red and crimson at this time of year. This velvety shake features luscious beetroot purée mixed with our Tequila, Mescal, and festive Fig Liqueur. We then jazz it up with fresh lime juice and Paragon Pepper. It’s a Christmas feast, if you will. We let it snow atop this cocktail with a foam of mint coriander, fluffy egg whites, Himalayan pink salt, and fresh lime juice, and garnish with a fresh fig and beetroot chip. Happy holidays!