An Indian Barbecue at Cocktail Hour

Fancy the flavour of barbecue, but not in the mood to sit outside for it in the sweltering heat? We have a solution that comes with an Indian twist. The smoky scent of our tandoori dishes is reminiscent of the Mediterranean barbecue waft, and our summer cocktail menu is generous and plentiful. Here at Shakinah, you can have your barbecue and eat it.   

Our team will be more than happy to curate the perfect summer meal for you. Our summer cocktail menu features refreshing beverages that are the perfect antidote to the hot weather. Enjoy fashionable fruits, herbs, spices and liqueurs blended and poured into the most unorthodox and Instagrammable glassware you’ll ever come across. Ordering a cocktail at Shakinah is a theatrical experience, and it’s all the more heightened by a sizzling and colourful spread of food to go with it.

Here are a few of our favourite culinary and cocktail pairings for that Indian barbecue vibe we promised you:

Tandoori King Prawns and Strawberry Garden

What a red-hot pairing. Hues of fuchsia will adorn your table here, with our tandoori prawns beautifully barbecued crimson. Meanwhile, the Strawberry Garden is a fruity concoction of crushed strawberries, vodka, elderflower, basil and mint.

Chicken Tikka Masala and Aperol Foam Bomb

No Aperol, no party, but this is our interpretation on the coveted summer bitter. Enjoy a heightened Aperol and Chambord with cinnamon, tequila, passion fruit purée, and a hint of red chilli. As there is a little bit of fire to this cocktail, we recommend pairing it with a mellow and creamy chicken in a tomato and cashew sauce.

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Vegetarian Nibbles with Gin Cucumber

A selection of our meat-free starters are an eclectic and filling option for a more convivial and shared experience at the table. We cannot but champion our deconstructed onion bhaji, cumin-infused vegetable samosas and cheese corn marbles for a mild dinner. We recommend pairing this trio with this season’s signature cocktail, the Gin Cucumber. We’ve given this drink a beautiful fiery kick with green chillies, but you’re nonetheless guaranteed a refreshingly zen beverage with apple juice, mint, fresh cucumber and coriander leaves.

Shakinah King Prawns and Banana & Coconut Elegance

There’s always time for curry and the sea. Our inhouse Shakinah king prawns is a dish inspired by a North Indian recipe, with a rich and spicy sauce thickened by unctuous lentils. This dish is on the spicy side, so you might want to opt for our equally rich but mellow banana & Coconut Elegance. Our creamy cocktail is enhanced with white rum, fresh lime juice, tamarind syrup and cumin for a tropical finish to your meal.

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Tandoori Chicken and A King’s Beer

Talk about a match made in barbecue heaven. Our tandoori chicken is presented to you as it’s still sizzling barbecue aromas, and the ruby red coating promises succulence, flavour and the right amount of crispiness. Order this timeless classic with a side of coconut naan for dipping, and wash it down with our own elevated Corona that is mixed with passion fruit purée, tamarind syrup and a pinch of cumin.

Pahadi Kebab and Watermelon Martini

Skewered chicken is always a good idea, especially when steeped in a fresh herb marinade. Our Pahadi kebab is dressed in mint, yoghurt, plenty of garlic and ginger for a savoury flavour, and a good kick of coriander. Temper the latter with a good swig of our Watermelon Martini, which is a minimalist cocktail/smoothie of blended chunks of fresh watermelon, prosecco and vodka.

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