Our Shakinah Summer Dishes for 2023

It’s barbecue season, and we’re serving it up the Indian way. You could say that Indian cuisine has a perennial barbecue element to it, thanks to the charry and smoky flavour the tandoor delivers to meats, seafood, vegetables and paneer. But there’s so much more to savour in the summertime when it comes to Indian food. Think fresh flavours, tangy accompaniments and fruity sensations. Here are some of our recommendations:


Start off with your constants. Inevitably, you will encounter some level of spice with every Indian meal, so it’s best to have a cooling agent at the ready, not just because it’ll help with the heat, but also because it’s absolutely delicious. Raita is a fresh and summery mixture of cool and thick yoghurt, textured with chopped cucumber, fresh coriander and sometimes tomato. Feel free to add a spoonful of it to temper your curry sauce.

Khachumbar Salad

There’s no summer without salad, and never underestimate its presence at the barbecue table. Our Khachumbar Salad is a colourful mixture of fresh and crunchy garden greens seasoned with Indian spices to add even more vibrancy to your meal.

Malai Tikka

If you’re after a milder experience but with just as much flavour, you must try our nutty-licious Malai Tikka. We marinade our chicken overnight in a creamy and decadent mixture of almond and cashew nut paste infused with yoghurt. This is then beautifully charred on our tandoor.

Mango Lassi

Wash down your Indian barbecue – and mellow that intense level of spice – with a delicious swig of mango lassi. Freshly made in our kitchen, our Mango Lassi is dangerously addictive, and tastes like a summer smoothie packed with probiotics, protein and vitamins. It’s a glass of sunshine!

Saffron Tikka

A dish that’s as golden as the sun. Few flavours match the might of saffron, and who says that such an opulent ingredient shouldn’t feature in a barbecue-inspired supper? Our recipe is quite simple: saffron, coriander and yoghurt are left to marinade our chicken overnight, and the tandoor is left to work its charry magic.

Coconut & Peshwari Naan

It’s a barbecue; you’ve got to have some carbs. Our coconut and Peshwari naans have an added summer flavour with their tropical fillings, and make for a wonderful form of edible crockery to your main dishes. Scoop up some lovely protein or sauce with your naan for some good eating.

Prawns Koliwada

It stands to reason that the fishing village of Koliwada is where this dish had originated from. This delicious street food is made of freshly sourced prawns coated in a heavily spiced and deep-fried batter. Be warned: this is one of our spiciest dishes, and it is not for the faint-hearted. However, the final kick of flavour is totally worth it, and that’s why you’ve ordered raita and lassi.

Mint Kulcha

If you’d like to experience something slightly different to naan, we recommend kulcha as a barbecue alternative. Kulcha is somewhat denser than naan but still comes with a soft and white texture. We especially recommend our kulcha garnished and flavoured with mint for an absolute summer vibe.

Pahadi Kebab

Speaking of mint, this classic summer herb is a main feature in our Pahadi marinade. Succulent pieces of chicken are left to soak up the flavours of a beautiful mixture of yoghurt, garlic, coriander, ginger and fresh mint, then cooked in our tandoor to absolute perfection. We also make this with prawns if you’re after a more pescatarian barbecue.