Spirits in the Sky – Our Summer Cocktail Menu

Inspired by the heavens and the vastness of the stratosphere, our spirits in the sky present delectable tastes and sensations that will take you from one skyline to the next. This year’s summer cocktail menu offers a celestial theme to our patrons, one that has been crafted with vibrant colours and dreamy textures in mind.

We’ve naturally gone for refreshing and zesty flavours for this selection, but we haven’t scrimped on other gastronomic surprises to tickle your tastebuds. We’ve played with salty and spicy sensations, as well as herbaceous and complex notes for an out-of-this-world cocktail experience.


This is our Indian take on the classic colada. A shot of Malibu rum is velvetised with milk, coconut purée and mango syrup. We then zest this creamy delight with fresh lime juice and bitters. This beautiful cocktail is finally clarified and smoked with roses, then adorned with a solid chia seed ice cube.

Tasting notes: Tropical smooth, fruity sweet and tangy.

Citrus Sky

Forever loyal to the citrus notes of summer, our Citrus Sky is a premium vodka infused with paradiso tea, then flavoured with lime curd and three drops of magic XX1 bitters. For an extra layer of zest, we finish it off with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Tasting notes: Sweet and sour, tangy and zesty.

Himalayan Dreams

Our Himalayan Dreams is so delectable, you’ll be dreaming about it all summer. This is one of our gourmand cocktails, where fruitiness meets a touch of savoury. We layer a shot of gin with Italicus Rosolio Bergamot Liqueur, as well as paragon berry. This is then seasoned with fresh basil, fresh lime juice and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt for a saline sensation.

Tasting notes: Herbaceous and citrusy, refreshing but complex.

Watermelon Dishoom

What’s summer in Malta without a slice of watermelon to refresh the body and soul? We make the most of the season’s produce by blending freshly crushed watermelon with tequila, and this is then infused with fresh mint leaves and squeezed lime juice.

Tasting notes: Tropical and smooth, fruity sweet and tangy.

The King’s Beer

Long live the king! We’ve merged tequila with a classic Corona beer, and then mixed these with passion fruit and our homemade tamarind syrup. We finally season with a pinch of salt and fresh red chilli, and then top everything with fresh lime juice.

Tasting notes: Zesty, mildly spiced, tropical and bitter.

Orchard Burst

This is our decadent choice for the season. We’ve taken a shot of smooth port and sweetened it with paragon rue berry. We then layer it with XX1 bitters, gingerbread syrup and fresh lime juice. How naughty.

Tasting notes: Rich, sour and complex.