Shakinah’s Signature Cocktails

As you may know, one of the many jewels in Shakinah’s crown is our mixology team, who are continuously at work behind the bar, concocting unique and nuanced cocktails to be paired with your meal, or to be enjoyed on their own merit. Our seasonal experiments have resulted in some permanent fixtures to our signature portfolio, and remain crowd pleasers to this day. Here’s a breakdown of what tipples we have to offer you all year round:

Chilli Vodka Passion

We’re obviously passionate about our heat, and we haven’t left that out of our cocktail recipes. Chilli Vodka Passion is a fruity and spicy cocktail which teams the briny flavour of vodka with the spice of fresh chillies. This is embellished with Chambord liqueur, juicy passion fruit, and raspberries for body and taste. We then add a zesty layer to the mix with mandarin and fresh lime juice. Let your server know how spicy you like it!

Mumbai Mango Mojito

The national fruit of India takes centre stage in our interpretation of the Mojito. We let freshly blended mango do the talking here, with a generous shot of Malibu coconut rum. This is then merged with mint, fresh lime juice and soda water. This cocktail screams summer sips on hot nights.

Gin Cucumber

This is a minimalist but refreshing cocktail with gin, fresh cucumber, fresh coriander leaves and mint. However, we like to give it an extra layer with apple juice and fresh chillies.

Pink Fusion

It’s as sweet as it looks. Our passion fruit purée is mixed with a raspberry and cranberry-infused vodka, then further sweetened with Gomme syrup. We then fizz things up with a shot of prosecco.

King Chivaji’s Chillies

The king of the cocktail menu. Our King Chivaji’s Chillies is another spicy option for you to try, but with a more complex layering of flavour. There’s an almond note here with smooth Disaronno, which is then spruced up with cranberry syrup, fresh lemon juice and chillies. As a cooling agent, we’ve incorporated an aloe vera and raspberry jelly foam on top.

Kashmir Ginger Fizz

Ginger also makes an appearance in our cocktails, and not just in our curries. We’ve taken a silky dash of honey-flavoured Bourbon and Drambuie, then spritzed it up with ginger ale and fresh lime juice.

Vanilla Chai Espresso Martini

Why have coffee when you can have our elevated espresso? Our take on the Espresso Martini includes a shot of vodka that has been infused with chai vanilla tea. This is then merged with a delicious shot of Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, along with the espresso shot itself. The final embellishments are a sprinkle of pink Himalayan rock salt and cinnamon ground powder.

Gin-ger Bread Fusion

Naugh-tea but nice! Our Gin-ger Bread Fusion is as good as it sounds. We’ve taken a shot of gin-infused earl grey tea, and given it a whirl of egg whites and gingerbread syrup. For zest, you’ll find fresh lemon juice as well as fresh mint.

Ginger Fizz Mocktail

If you’re looking for the theatre of cocktails but without the booze, we’ve got you covered. Our Kashmir Ginger Fizz also comes as a non-alcoholic alternative, with just gingerbread syrup, lime juice, mint, apple juice and soda water.

Berries and Green Tea Mocktail

Our second mocktail is an incredible blend of green tea, passion fruit purée, lime juice and fresh berries. Simple, yet so satisfying.