Yuletide Cocktails for a Very Merry Christmas at Shakinah

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! We cannot wait to welcome our patrons into our restaurant for cheerful lunches and dinners, where you can toast the end of a fruitful year with an Indian feast ready to be shared and devoured at your table. As always, we have a cocktail menu for every occasion, and this year’s selection is a hands-on homage of all things Christmas. We’ve really focused on the festive flavours, and reinterpreted them as celebratory libations to colour your evening with us. We’re curious to see which of these will be the top favourite for the season… but then again, we welcome you to try and enjoy them all!

Down the Chimney

This is a tipple that’s worthy enough to be left out for Santa. Down the Chimney is a clarified gingerbread milk punch, featuring mint candy-infused tequila and a good squeeze of lime juice. For its festive notes, we’ve mixed apple spiced rum, milk and gingerbread syrup. As a tribute to Father Christmas himself, the foam was directly inspired by his trademark fluffy beard – it’s a flurry of apple juice, Bergamot Liqueur, egg whites, and fresh lime juice. We finish it with a yuletide garnish of dried apple chip, mint top, and cinnamon powder.

The Pumpkin King

Some of us had a really great time at Halloween… and indulged in too many pumpkin spiced lattes. Therefore, we felt this flavour merited a cocktail. We’ve infused our tequila with high-quality pumpkin spice syrup, and added a splash of milk. To give it a Christmas kick, we’ve added lime curd as well as lime juice. The Pumpkin King is clarified and garnished with a vanilla-flavoured bubble and pumpkin chips.

Can’t Stop the Beet

We love all things red and crimson at this time of year. This velvety shake features luscious beetroot purée mixed with our Tequila, Mescal, and festive Fig Liqueur. We then jazz it up with fresh lime juice and Paragon Pepper. It’s a Christmas feast, if you will. We let it snow atop this cocktail with a foam of mint coriander, fluffy egg whites, Himalayan pink salt, and fresh lime juice, and garnish with a fresh fig and beetroot chip. Happy holidays!


Our Favourite Sides and Sundries

Our Favourite Sides and Sundries

Although Indian dishes are certainly the centre piece at the table, it’s what often accompanies them that elevates your meal to a whole other level. It’s an indisputable fact that curries and other saucy dishes were made for dipping, and so dip we must. Indian cuisine has certainly provided a variety of delicious mediums for partaking. When done right, you cannot but wipe your bowl clean with a slice of naan or a forkful of basmati. But of course, Indian sides go beyond buttery carbs. There are many other sundries to explore at Shakinah, and here are a few of our favourites:   


Without a doubt, lassi is lactose-liquid heaven. Popular in the Southern region of India as well as Pakistan, you’ll find that many households have a free-flowing supply of lassi, with a jug of it ready to be served to family members and guests. Traditionally, it is a savoury drink of plain yoghurt blended with water and spices such as cardamon, and then seasoned with salt. However, you’ll also find fruit-infused lassis, such as mango or strawberry. Lassis are a beautifully silky digestive aid which also double up as a cooling agent.   At Shakinah, we offer sweet, salted, mango and strawberry lassis to go with (or without!) our spicy dishes. They’re seriously addictive.


Another cooling agent in the Indian arsenal, a raita is a delightful yoghurt dip infused with cumin and freshly chopped coriander, and a good helping of shredded onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh chopped coriander and cumin. Of course, you’ll find several other variations of raita across the world, even fruity ones such as pomegranate. Raitas are a cross between a condiment and a dip, so you are most welcome to dunk your naan into the bowl or spread it on top, or even have a spoonful of it when things get to hot to handle during your meal. Delicious relief!


Khachumbar Salad

If you need to lay off the lactose but still require a cooling agent, our Khachumbar salad is a great and refreshing option. This is a crunchy mix of fresh garden greens seasoned with Indian spices and lemon juice for freshness. It really goes with anything, and helps with your five-a-day.

Pilau Rice

This side is an absolute crowd pleaser. A golden bowl of goodness, pilau rice is a side dish with a fried onion, bay leaves, turmeric and cinnamon masala, to mention but a few of the spices that give this rice its seductive flavour. One of the secrets to this dish to caramelise the onions in ghee or good-quality butter to begin with. Pilau rice is so delectable in fact, that it makes for an excellent meal in its own right. At Shakinah, we also serve a version of this classic with peas for a touch of green. This is comfort and colour in a bowl.


You can’t have a proper Indian without naan, really. Well, you can, but you’d be sorely missing out on cloudy doughy goodness. Dating back to at least the 12th century, naan has been wiping our plates clean since time immemorial. This is a leavened bread made from wheat flour ands yoghurt, which is what gives it its fluffy texture. It’s an incredibly versatile sundry, which is why at Shakinah, you can have butter, garlic, cheese, coconut or peshwari naan. We particularly recommend the latter, as it’s embellished with a wonderful mix of nuts and dried fruit.




At Shakinah, we take our cocktails seriously, and in our mixology corner, it’s any excuse for new concoctions. Our seasonal cocktail menus are a hotly-anticipated event, and we do our best to create beverages that reflect our restaurant’s chic and joyous atmosphere, as well as our favourite and freshest ingredients. 

As it’s now a time for merriment, we’ve come up with a yet another festive cocktail menu packed with flavour, theatre and gusto. Here’s a preview of what we have to offer this winter:

Chai Time

India is the real home of good tea, so what better way to celebrate this centuries-old tradition than to pay homage to one of the strongest leaves out there? The main ingredient in Chai Time is black tea, sweetened with marzipan and then infused with tequila. Some people have a slice of lemon with their brew; we’ve added a good squeeze of lime juice. Poured into our tasteful set of patterned bone China, our Chai Time is then topped with a flurry of egg whites and cherry purée. Expect smooth marzipan notes with a well-balanced sweet and sour tone. 

Kerala Cooler

Kerala is an expansive stretch of land on the east coast of Southern India. A tropical paradise in its own right, our Kerala Cooler was inspired by this glorious part of the world; who says you can’t have a tropical Christmas? We’ve combined Cointreau and Tequila as our boozy base, mixed with a luscious purée of coconut, lime juice and morsels of fresh chilli. This is then poured into a crystal goblet with glossy ice cubes, and then topped with a coconut and cherry purée foam. Get ready for some heat, citrusy sourness and floral notes, tempered by fruity cloud.

Cranberry Mahal Mule

Our Cranberry Mahal Mule is sensationally sour, featuring a fresh blend of cranberries, freshly squeezed lime and pure ginger. The kick finally comes from a serving of vodka with ginger ale. This mildly spicy, light and refreshing beverage is served in our Frida Kahlo glass.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

How’s this for a cup of cocoa? This is a time for all things cosy and comforting, and we can’t have Christmas without a little richness. We take the holy matrimony between spiced chocolate and a velvety vanilla liquor, and jazz it up with Frangelico for a hint of hazelnut, and spiced rum for a dash of warmth. We then pour this into a homely pastel mug, and top it with whipped cream, toasted mini marshmallows, and Lotus biscuits. This is an inviting, creamy and mildly spiced dessert cocktail.

The 24 Karat

If there’s ever a time to decadent, it’s Christmas. The 24 Karat is a nod to the Golden Temple of Punjab, atop its shimmering pool. You’ll find this cocktail to be mildly spicy, with hints of orange zest and bittersweet notes. We’ve infused a good dash of Aperol with cinnamon, and married it with Money 47 sloe gin. This is then dressed with gingerbread syrup and lime juice, and poured into a delicate whiskey glass and a giant ice cube. We finish it off with a cloud of egg whites and chili, and garnish the ice with a serving of gold leaf. Well, what else?

From Worcester to West Bengal

This is our take on a Bloody Mary. A lot of our curries are tomato-based, so why shouldn’t we translate this into one of our cocktails? We’ve gone for the classic tomato juice base, and added vodka that’s been infused with garlic and chilli, much like the start of most good dishes. We then season the concoction with lemon juice, a dash of Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce for a savoury flavour.

A Collection of Winter Cocktails

A Collection of Winter Cocktails

Looking for a fresh vibe for your cocktail hour this weekend? Shakinah has gone the extra mile to present an exuberant collection of original cocktails, packed with flair, flavour and texture. Curated by our resident mixologists, the Shakinah Winter Cocktail Menu is served in a handmade selection of unique and Instagram-worthy glassware.

King Shivaji’s Chillies

Named after a historical leader in Indian lore, our King Shivaji pays tribute to the culture of heat and spice in Indian cuisine. A concoction of sweet and sour notes, cranberry syrup is teamed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and fresh chillies, topped onto a double shot of Disaronno. The mixture is then dry shaken with cloudy egg whites to merge everything together. We like to serve King Shivaji’s Chillies in our David glass with a garnish of fresh cranberries and lemon zest.

Sweet City

Here’s a lesson for 2022: Everyone should drink straight out of a miniature bathtub for once in their lives. And if it’s to be any liquid, it ought to be Shakinah’s Sweet City. Served with a shot of Prosecco and raspberry on the side, Sweet City is a sweet and creamy cocktail that sets its own little scene of luxury. Foamed for that bubble bath finish, this is garnished with finely chopped rose petals and smooth crystal ice cubes. For its alcoholic base, our mixologists have opted for Sailor Jerry Rum (vanilla and cinnamon notes) and that quintessential raspberry liqueur, Chambord.

Shakinah’s Pumpkin Spice

We couldn’t present a winter menu without having a pumpkin staple in the list. Proving to be incredibly popular among our regular clientele, our Pumpkin Spice is packed with flavour and a heady texture. Presenting the sweet flavours of molasses, cinnamon, ginger and clove through Kraken Spiced Rum, the blend includes almond and vanilla milk, golden honey syrup and a pumpkin spice mix. Naturally, we’ve topped this with pumpkin seeds for that extra crunch.

Gin-ger Bread Fusion

We don’t mind milking the Christmas flavours throughout the rest of the winter period. Our Gin-ger Bread Fusion is a sour and creamy fluid of naughty niceness, served in a blush pink Christmas stocking, because why not? Bombay Sapphire Gin is infused with earl grey tea, gingerbread syrup, fresh lemon juice and mint leaves then well shaken with a delightful mixture of cloudy egg whites and a few drops of angostura bitters. We’re not afraid to be decadent at Shakinah.

Emperor Akbar’s Caramel Coffee Deluxe

We suggest you leave this one for afters. Our rich and sweet caffeine option comes with a coffee liqueur base, coupled with a serving of vodka and a fresh shot of espresso. Emperor Akbar offers a generous helping of caramel syrup and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. This is also served with a cheeky side of sweet and salty popcorn.

Cranberry Mahal Mule


Our feisty thirst quencher comes adorned in our Frida glass, and encompasses all that is beautifully sour. The Cranberry Mahal Mule combines the sour classics of freshly blended cranberries, freshly squeezed lime and fresh ginger. These are then amalgamated with a serving of vodka and ginger ale. We recommend this tasty concoction at the start of your meal to whet your appetite.

Mulled Cider

Our mulled cider or wine is our very own mystery basket. Ask your server what we have on offer on the daily!