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Indian Catering Malta Naan bread

The Delicious Diversity of Flatbreads at Shakinah


Indian cuisine is renowned for its rich tapestry of flavours and textures, and at the heart of this culinary canvas are the diverse flatbreads that accompany almost every meal. At Shakinah, we’ve made sure our clients get the chance...

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Shakinah indian cuisine malta

Key Ingredients In Indian Cuisine

food | 04/03/2022

Key Ingredients In Indian Cuisine A cuisine can say much about its nation’s history. Every flavour has a part to play in the telling of a country’s story, and every ingredient comes with its own journey to the final...

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Shakinah Indian Restaurant Malta Cocktail Gin-ger Bread Fusion

A Collection of Winter Cocktails

drink | 17/01/2022

A Collection of Winter Cocktails Looking for a fresh vibe for your cocktail hour this weekend? Shakinah has gone the extra mile to present an exuberant collection of original cocktails, packed with flair, flavour and texture. Curated by our...

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indian in winter

Wintery Delights at Shakinah

food | 29/11/2021

Wintery Indian Delights at Shakinah Our wise chefs come bearing gifts, and the Angel Shakinah has blessed us and our patrons with peace, love and joy. The Shakinah team is looking forward to warming you up this season with...

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Shakinah Indian Food Malta

Our Top 5 Indian Dishes for this Month

food | 18/10/2021

The Best 5 Indian Dishes this Month We know we shouldn’t have favourites, but at Shakinah, we do have a few star attractions that never fail to please. From our celebrated Chicken Tikka Masala to our sizzling Tandoori platter,...

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Shakinah indian restaurant malta

The Shakinah Story

articles | 05/07/2021

The Shakinah Story A carefully curated menu of Indian dishes, an exotic yet understated interior, and a collection of signature watermelon cocktails. This is but a fraction of what the Shakinah dining experience has to offer. A celebrated Indian...

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