Spring Flavours at Shakinah

Spring Flavours at Shakinah

The strong winds have wafted in balmier temperatures and lighter aromas to the spring air.

Although Shakinah will still be serving its heady classics, we would like to shift the spotlight onto some of our more suitably spring dishes to complement the season. With our chefs ready to welcome seasonal produce into the kitchen, you’ll find that our dishes are adapted to what is freshest on offer. As you might be looking for zestier flavours, here are our recommendations for the season:

Navratan Korma

The literal translation of ‘navratan’ is ‘nine gems’, signifying the nine vegetables traditionally used in this vegetarian classic. One of the milder kormas, the Navratan features a creamier sauce that celebrates the mellow flavour of the cashew nut, rather than any other adorning spices. Our chef makes a selection of the freshest vegetables in season for the Navratan, which are then cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of firmness.

Achari Kebab

Here at Shakinah, we’ve always got the barbecue fired up, and one of our star dishes straight off the grill is the Achari Kebab. The uniqueness of this dish is the incorporation of the achar, a traditional South Asian pickle with lemons, limes, ginger and even mango, which are then spiced with chilli pepper during the pickling process. The juicy chicken pieces are marinated in an achar and yoghurt mixture, giving the chicken its trademark tanginess and festively sunny hue.

Kesari Jhinga

This moreish dish encompasses all that is holy about warmer climates. The pescatarian king that is the prawn is marinated in heavenly yoghurt, and spiced with majestic saffron, ginger and garlic. Kesari, which is Sanskrit for saffron or lion, is the star ingredient in this dish, flavouring and decorating Shakinah’s hand-picked tandoori-cooked prawns. Although the Kesari Jhinga makes for a great starter, it could also be the perfect spring lunch.

Vegetable Biryani

Not that we wish to diminish the importance of our meat and fish dishes, but there is something so wholesome about vegetarian meals, especially when the earth has so much to offer at this time of year. Vegetables make for lighter meals, and a dish such as our vegetable biryani is an excellent avenue to get your five-a-day. The conglomerate of spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg and bay leaves beautifully permeate the vegetables, and the rice gives a wonderful roasted bite – possibly one of the best ways to have your carbs.

Not Just Citrus

One of our best-selling desserts brings together the flavours or sunshine, leaving a zest of spring zing in your mouth. This cheesecake offers a harmonious balance of lime, lemon and white chocolate, with a coconut biscuit crumb cementing the light and fluffy layer on top. If you haven’t had enough dairy, don’t forget to wash it down with a lassi of your choice.