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Time spent in the kitchen is never wasted, but there are days when life calls for you to step away from the pots and pans, and let someone else bring the feast to the table. Shakinah is just a...

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Shakinah Indian Restaurant Malta Vegetable Salad

Our Shakinah Summer Dishes for 2023

drink, food | 28/06/2023

It’s barbecue season, and we’re serving it up the Indian way. You could say that Indian cuisine has a perennial barbecue element to it, thanks to the charry and smoky flavour the tandoor delivers to meats, seafood, vegetables and...

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Samosa Stories: Exploring the World of Indian Street Food

food | 23/06/2023

The vibrant and flavourful world of Indian street food is an integral part of the country’s food culture, known for its diverse culinary traditions. From savoury snacks to mouth-watering sweets, the streets of India offer an array of delectable...

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food | 28/03/2023

Here at Shakinah, we’re very lucky to have a team of chefs who are able to give us the real thing, thanks to their North Indian heritage and their respect for traditional recipes. Hailing from the region of Uttarakhand,...

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Shakinah’s Signature Cocktails

drink | 03/03/2023

As you may know, one of the many jewels in Shakinah’s crown is our mixology team, who are continuously at work behind the bar, concocting unique and nuanced cocktails to be paired with your meal, or to be enjoyed...

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Shakinah Indian Restaurant Malta Cocktail Lassi

Our Favourite Sides and Sundries

food | 27/01/2023

Our Favourite Sides and Sundries Although Indian dishes are certainly the centre piece at the table, it’s what often accompanies them that elevates your meal to a whole other level. It’s an indisputable fact that curries and other saucy...

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Shakinah Indian Restaurant Malta Cocktail Sugar Spice and Everything Nice


drink | 16/12/2022

SHAKINAH’S WINTER TIPPLES At Shakinah, we take our cocktails seriously, and in our mixology corner, it’s any excuse for new concoctions. Our seasonal cocktail menus are a hotly-anticipated event, and we do our best to create beverages that reflect...

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