Private Dining at Shakinah

Private Dining at Shakinah

A chic but intimate dining experience is what we deliver at Shakinah. With an interior that reflects the contemporary strides in Indian cuisine, the Shakinah concept identifies with a modern India that has galvanized its gastronomic landscape over the years, raising the bar for its native restaurants across the globe.

We’ve extended this ambition into the Goa Private Dining Room. Named after India’s most prosperous state, the Goa Private Dining Room has been purposely built for intimate but sleek gatherings, be it sit-down or standing. Its elegant but understated interior harmoniously sets it apart from the rest of the establishment, giving your guests an exclusive setting to your event.

This state-of-the-art dining experience by Shakinah is one of Malta’s most foremost locations for business lunches and meetings, as well as parties or VIP events with a twist.

The Goa Private Dining Room comfortably sits up to 16 people, and any arrangements for over 6 people can be made by calling +356 2752 2322.

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