At Shakinah, we take our cocktails seriously, and in our mixology corner, it’s any excuse for new concoctions. Our seasonal cocktail menus are a hotly-anticipated event, and we do our best to create beverages that reflect our restaurant’s chic and joyous atmosphere, as well as our favourite and freshest ingredients. 

As it’s now a time for merriment, we’ve come up with a yet another festive cocktail menu packed with flavour, theatre and gusto. Here’s a preview of what we have to offer this winter:

Chai Time

India is the real home of good tea, so what better way to celebrate this centuries-old tradition than to pay homage to one of the strongest leaves out there? The main ingredient in Chai Time is black tea, sweetened with marzipan and then infused with tequila. Some people have a slice of lemon with their brew; we’ve added a good squeeze of lime juice. Poured into our tasteful set of patterned bone China, our Chai Time is then topped with a flurry of egg whites and cherry purée. Expect smooth marzipan notes with a well-balanced sweet and sour tone. 

Kerala Cooler

Kerala is an expansive stretch of land on the east coast of Southern India. A tropical paradise in its own right, our Kerala Cooler was inspired by this glorious part of the world; who says you can’t have a tropical Christmas? We’ve combined Cointreau and Tequila as our boozy base, mixed with a luscious purée of coconut, lime juice and morsels of fresh chilli. This is then poured into a crystal goblet with glossy ice cubes, and then topped with a coconut and cherry purée foam. Get ready for some heat, citrusy sourness and floral notes, tempered by fruity cloud.

Cranberry Mahal Mule

Our Cranberry Mahal Mule is sensationally sour, featuring a fresh blend of cranberries, freshly squeezed lime and pure ginger. The kick finally comes from a serving of vodka with ginger ale. This mildly spicy, light and refreshing beverage is served in our Frida Kahlo glass.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

How’s this for a cup of cocoa? This is a time for all things cosy and comforting, and we can’t have Christmas without a little richness. We take the holy matrimony between spiced chocolate and a velvety vanilla liquor, and jazz it up with Frangelico for a hint of hazelnut, and spiced rum for a dash of warmth. We then pour this into a homely pastel mug, and top it with whipped cream, toasted mini marshmallows, and Lotus biscuits. This is an inviting, creamy and mildly spiced dessert cocktail.

The 24 Karat

If there’s ever a time to decadent, it’s Christmas. The 24 Karat is a nod to the Golden Temple of Punjab, atop its shimmering pool. You’ll find this cocktail to be mildly spicy, with hints of orange zest and bittersweet notes. We’ve infused a good dash of Aperol with cinnamon, and married it with Money 47 sloe gin. This is then dressed with gingerbread syrup and lime juice, and poured into a delicate whiskey glass and a giant ice cube. We finish it off with a cloud of egg whites and chili, and garnish the ice with a serving of gold leaf. Well, what else?

From Worcester to West Bengal

This is our take on a Bloody Mary. A lot of our curries are tomato-based, so why shouldn’t we translate this into one of our cocktails? We’ve gone for the classic tomato juice base, and added vodka that’s been infused with garlic and chilli, much like the start of most good dishes. We then season the concoction with lemon juice, a dash of Worcester sauce and Tabasco sauce for a savoury flavour.