Get Cosy with a Curry 🥘

Get Cosy with a Curry at Shakinah

Baby, it’s cold outside. But at Shakinah, we’ve got the perfect winter warmers for you this Christmas. 

As we shift gears in preparation for the Christmas rush, we know that our cosy curries will certainly be in demand this season, rich in spices, creamy coconut, luscious yoghurt and meaty goodness. What’s more, curries are an excellent excuse to incorporate some good carbs into your meal. From our fluffy pilau rice to springy blankets of naan to mop our curry sauces, our side dishes are a cheeky alternative to a fork and knife. Here are our recommended favourites for December:

King Prawn Madras

Where there’s Madras, there is heat. But not to worry, we’ll be happy to mellow it down for you if you’re not great with too much spiciness. Originating from the old region of Madras – now Chennai – in the south of India, this curry goes way back in time, retaining its tangy punch and hot flavours. The sourness of Madras is created from acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon or lime, coupled with the fruitiness of tamarind. As it’s a southern dish, the base is fresh coconut cream, which also brings a nutty element to the final taste. We offer other protein alternatives with our Madras, including chicken, beef and lamb.

Lamb Roghan Josh

Our Roghan Josh is one of our most popular and explosive dishes when it comes to depth and flavour. Another authentic recipe, Roghan Josh hails from Kashmiri, which is why we use this particular blend of spices for it. Our locally sourced lamb is slow cooked to perfection with cinnamon, ginger and saffron, hence the heavenly aroma. We recommend some butter roti to go with this dish to add even more richness.

Beef Vindaloo

What’s a curry night without a vindaloo? This fiery dish is an all-time classic, and it will certainly get you warmed up thanks to its piping hot blend. We marinade our beef in vinegar to give it tartness and tenderness, and it retains its moisture in our crimson sauce. Finally, we add some starchiness with beautifully boiled potatoes. Admittedly, our vindaloos – also available with other meats – are a culinary challenge, so we recommend a good helping of raita and a glass of lassi.

Butter Chicken

For something just as rich but with less spice, there’s always our butter chicken. A more contemporary option, butter chicken is somewhat similar to a Chicken Masala, but ours is richer in ghee, cashew nuts and fenugreek, and not as pungent when it comes to its tomato base. This is a creamy and comforting winter warmer that is utterly pleasurable in its simplicity. Our patrons love to accompany this with garlic naan or onion kulcha, a flat white bread stuffed with savoury onions.

Paneer Tikka

This aesthetically pleasing dish is a hit with both vegetarians and omnivores. We present ruby red slabs of milky paneer, marinated in ginger, garlic paste and yoghurt. This is then garnished with green peppers and fresh onions to incorporate your five-a-day. This is ideal with sweet coconut naan, or chicken keema paratha, a North Indian bread made from whole wheat flour that is stuffed with spiced minced chicken.